Powder Free Vinyl Gloves - Medium

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves - Medium
Item# KCVGM100

Product Description

Kuki Collection Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free
Item #: KCVGM100
Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride, Powder Free
Shape: Ambidextrous
Color: Clear
Size: Medium
Packaging: 100 Gloves/Box by weight
Weight/Pc: 5g/pc
10 Boxes/Case
Case Size: 13.3" x 10" x 9.3"
Case Volume: 0.65 cu. ft.
Case Weight: 11.8 lbs
Cases/Pallet Layer: 14
Layers/Pallet: 6
Cases/Pallet: 84
Pallet Size: 40" x 48" x 65"
Cases/Truckload: 3360
Cases/20' Container: 1500 Cases
Freight Class: 85'

Glove Specifications (based on size M)
Length: Min. 238
Palm Thickness: .08.01 mm
Finger Thickness: .10.01 mm

Tensile Strength
Before Aging (MPA): Min. 10; Elongation: Min 350%
After Aging (MPA): Min. 10; Elongation: Min. 300%

We ship all across the US and worldwide. Sold by the case or by the pallet in the Continental US. Shipped Worldwide by the 20' container and/or 40' HQ Container