Walk-In Cooler/Freezer

Call us today at (509) 855-6914 to get your quote for a walk-in cooler or freezer with Anthony display doors! Give us the dimensions and we will design it for you! Easy installation instructions will be sent along with parts. All orders come with the cooler/freezer panels, display doors, compressor, dryer expansion valve, and nuts and bolts. Free Delivery to all US States except Hawaii & Alaska! We can deliver to the rest of the world with shipping costs. Made in the USA!

Customers will be responsible for installation, including obtaining the services of a refrigeration specialist and an electrician to install the cooler/freezer. There will be no returns or refunds.

We can also make packing sheds of any size for agricultural cold storage.

Item #KC45000C

Item #KC43000C

Model KC401618
4" Thick High Density Insulated Panels
Metal Entrance Doors: 2
Metal Entrance Door Size: 36" x 78"
Glass Door Model: Anthony #101
Glass Doors: 16
Glass Door Size: 30" x 79"
Glass Entrance Door Model: Anthony #103
Glass Entrance Doors: 1
Glass Entrance Door Size: 36" x 81"
Shelves: 27" epoxy coated wire shelves with price tag molding.
# of Shelves: 112
2 Pass Through Glass Door Light Assemblies Included
High Efficiency PROX LED lighting upgrade.
Installed Smart Controller
1 Interior Push Bar for glass pass-thru entrance door
2 Med Temp Outdoor 4HP refrigeration system